Michigan State Police are investigating doable cloudiness after Frankenmuth soccer video games

FRANKENMUTH, Michigan (WJRT) – Michigan State Police are nearing completion of an investigation into suspected cloudiness incidents involving the Frankenmuth High School college soccer team.

The team was quite successful this season, but lost in the state final. It is claimed here that after all of these victories, a certain object was brought into the team’s locker room.

“I’ve heard there is a toy for adults in the locker room after soccer games and after wins,” said a Frankenmuth graduate and former high school soccer player who also has ties to this year’s team. He didn’t want to be identified.

The graduate is still concerned that an adult toy was apparently part of a post-game ritual for the Frankenmuth soccer team.

“This toy was used in a harassing way, not really as a celebration, maybe by some of the captains or the seniors on the team. But they would force juniors or other members of the team to participate, ”he said.

School officials investigated the matter and found that it was not harassment or bullying. At this point, the Michigan State Police began the investigation.

Superintendent Adele Martin, who informed the district this week that she was leaving for a job in the private sector, did not want to speak until the state police finished the investigation.

Martin’s husband Phil Martin is the Frankenmuth soccer coach. He could not be reached for comment.

It is not clear whether an athlete was disciplined about what went on in the locker room after the school’s investigation.

“I don’t think this would be inappropriate at any level of football, whether it’s high school, college, or professional. I think if this came out of the Lions there would be people who would get into serious trouble if forced to do so involuntarily, ”the graduate said.

It is also not clear at this point whether a soccer player was forced to use the adult toy inappropriately.

“I would hope that anyone who is afraid or feels like they are being silenced will be able to come up and say that something may have happened to me or my son and we would like on that matter continue to work with the police. ” said the graduate.

Saginaw District Prosecutor’s Office is expected to receive the police report next week to investigate possible criminal charges.

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