MLB Information: Pioneer League replaces additional innings with residence run derby

Thomas Harrigan | The (largely) independent Pioneer League will attempt to replace extra innings with home run derbies in 2021. Each team picks one batsman who gets five pitches and the team with the most homers wins the game. If there is a tie after five fields, new batters will be selected and the derby will continue until a winner is announced.

Brady Thumper | McCovey Chronicles: The Yankees and Giants made a deal on Tuesday. The Yankees received the left-handed Wandy Peralta and a player who would later be named in exchange for outfielder Mike Tauchman. After Mike Yastrzemski was injured, the Giants needed an additional outfielder and the team opened the year with five lefts in the bullpen.

Zach Koenig | Twinkie Town: The twins are a tough team right now, and it’s not just the lousy baseball they played. If there’s a silver lining for a 7-15 start, fewer people could watch. A number of weekday games have torn the twins’ struggles out of the spotlight.

Fast hits

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. became the youngest Blue Jay in franchise history to complete three homers in one game.

Despite the upcoming universal DH, Adrian Houser hit a home run.

Nolan Arenado caught this ball that he couldn’t catch because he’s a witch.

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