Nameless Donor makes Black Excessive College soccer scholarships for direct incomes

An anonymous donor is helping black high school soccer players who are just getting A’s go to college on a scholarship, CBS News reported. The initiative began in 2018 when the Georgia Centennial High School sports director was approached with the idea by someone close to the show, WSB-TV reported.

“They saw a picture of a group of our scholar-athletes on Twitter and discovered that while there was a large group of African American student athletes on the football team, a small percentage were represented by our scholar-athletes,” Burch told the broadcaster.

Every semester a player earns directly goes to college for $ 25,000, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported. A student could earn $ 200,000 over four years. The goal is to help students get out of debt after college.

Jordan Barbas and Evan Walker, two of the school’s players, told CBS News that money changes lives.

“I thought it was real?” Said Barbas.

Barbas also noted that without him he wouldn’t have been a straight-A student.

The donor hopes to remain anonymous, Burch told CBS News.

“It’s about the kid deserving it and the kids taking advantage of it, not that he gives the money. You know, celebrate that,” said Burch.

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