NC State Coach Dave Doeren says an enlargement of the school soccer playoffs is required

RALEIGH – During an appearance at Packer and Durham on the ACC Network Tuesday morning, NC State Football coach Dave Doeren said the proposed expansion of the college football playoff from four to possibly 12 teams was a necessary step for the sport.

“As someone who made it to the FCS level twice in the playoffs, that was great,” said Doeren, who was Montana defensive backs coach from 2000 to 2001. “We played 31 games in two years, we played 16 games.” Year and 15 next and I absolutely loved it. How they put it together, I’m excited to see. “

A sub-group of the College Football Playoff Management Committee is proposing an expansion of the playoffs from four to twelve teams, the playoffs announced last week, although CFP executive director Bill Hancock said the format would not go into effect until the 2023-2024 season .

The FCS format is a 24-team playoff with 10 automatic bids from 10 conference and 14 general bids.

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The proposed 12-team format would include the six top-ranked Conference Champions and six at-large spots. The top four ranked conference champions were given a bye in the first round, and teams 5 through 12 played against each other in the first round on the higher ranked team’s home field.

The quarter-finals and semi-finals would then be played in bowl games, with the quarter-finals scheduled for January 1 or January 2 if New Years Day falls on a Sunday.

The playoff bracket is recommended to follow the leaderboard and no changes are expected to avoid rematches. The bracket would stay in place throughout the playoff.

“I think it’s great for college football,” said Doeren. “I think there are some things that you really need to think about and iron out … but I think the expansion is needed.

Of the 28 available places in the playoff since 2014, Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and Oklahoma have occupied 20.

The argument against a 12-team format is that the national championship game would be the 17th game in a season for the two advanced programs.

Doeren said Tuesday that he would endorse a game plan with two free spins or give teams a week off before the playoffs begin.

“I know it will be an important conversation and I don’t have all the answers,” he said. “However, if you want to be the best, you have to go the gauntlet no matter what they get out of it. I think we have to get into it. Whatever it ends up being, there will be more games these teams have to play. “

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Doeren added that a longer season could encourage coaches to have a more relaxed approach to spring football.

“When I was in Montana, we didn’t have a very contact-oriented spring ball because our season was so long,” he said. “You had to be smart with your players in the spring.”

The 11-member management committee will consider the recommendation during an upcoming meeting on June 17-18.

If the proposal is approved and the committee reaches consensus on an alternative model or decides to keep the current four-team format, the Administrative Committee will send a recommendation to the CFP Board, which will meet in Dallas on June 22nd.

David Thompson is an award-winning reporter for the USA Today Network covering NC State and Duke athletics. He can be reached at [email protected], at 828-231-1747, or on Twitter at @ daveth89.

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