New Jersey Excessive College Soccer crowns true nationwide champions in 2022 | Sports activities

In a year and a half, New Jersey will finally have high school football champions.

The member schools of the NJSIAA voted almost unanimously (255: 3) for a proposal that all five public groups will host real state title games from 2022.

So far, football has been the lonely sport to only crown section champions. The state added regional championships in 2018 to be held at MetLife Stadium between the North I / North II and Middle / South Masters in each group.

From next year there will be 20 section winners in addition to five public schoolmasters and two non-public masters. However, Thanksgiving Day games are not affected and the season begins and ends at the same time, minus a preseason scrimmage.

The regular season runs from week 1 to 8. The section playoffs take place in weeks 9, 10 and 11. Then public schools play the state semifinals in week 12 and the state final in week 14 (the week after Thanksgiving).

Non-public schools are facing no change. Your two group finals will take place on Thanksgiving weekend, but if either team in those matchups has a Thanksgiving game, the final will be postponed for a week.

All schools are faced with a maximum of 10 games during the regular season, including Thanksgiving games.

“I think it’s only fair that everyone else – more or less – is playing it off that football has an equal chance,” said Rich Roche, sports director of Notre Dame, who oversees Mercer County’s only private school. “The season was not extended as a result, which is also important in my opinion. To get a national champion in every group is only fair, because the other sports do that too.”

In January, NJSIAA members voted 318-12 to remove a line from their constitution that had banned football from downplaying national champions since 1932.

Since the NJSIAA’s football playoffs began in 1974, five schools in the Mercer County area have won a section title: Allentown, Hopewell Valley, Ewing, Notre Dame, and Nottingham.

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