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Canton, Ohio (WJW) – A family of soccer players at McKinley High School calls for further action after a head coach says he forced a teenager to eat pizza.

The 17-year-old boy belongs to the Hebrew faith of Israel and strictly forbids the consumption of pork and pork residues.

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The incident occurred on May 24 after a junior was injured and missed training. According to a family lawyer, head coach Marcus Watley had a teen sit in the middle of the gym eating a whole pizza. If he didn’t, the teammates around him would be doing additional training. Should have done it. The attorney said Watley also threatened to kick the teen off the team.

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The boy repeatedly told his trainer that he would not eat pork and eventually had the hot peppers stripped off. But the fat was still on the pizza.

According to lawyers, after the end, the teenagers were ordered to do additional outdoor exercises.

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Canton City Schools said it suspended eight members of its high school soccer coaching team, including the head coach. We’re investigating the case.

“The case raises questions about proper team management, discipline and infrastructure for the accountability of the players,” the district said in a statement on Friday.

The boy’s family said Watley’s behavior was “a violation of the child’s constitutional rights” and threatened legal action.

“The bereaved do not consider this stop appropriate. The school does not offer advice to children. After eating pork fat pizza and corruption in front of the entire team, the child is overwhelmed, “said the lawyer in a press release on Tuesday.

Students not listed in the press release are soccer team tackles and have a GPA of 4.0.

Editor’s Note: In previous versions, the 17 year old faith was incorrectly described as Judaism rather than Hebrew Israelites.

Ohio high school football coach forced teenagers to eat whole pizza his religion forbids, the family says Source Link

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