One final sports activities hurray for Glasgow star Colten Quick on the All-Star Class B soccer recreation Highschool soccer

SETTLEMENTS – There will be enough time later to work on the farm.

This week is about Game Day, soaking in the experience, and enjoying the moment for Glasgow Colten Quick.

And it would be the icing on the cake if the North All-Stars were victorious.

He was almost used to winning during his high school career.

And make no mistake about him, the 2021 Glasgow high school graduation wants to win once again Saturday in the Class B Big Sky All-Star football game at Lockwood to cap his competitive game days.

Fast, a member of the North squad, will dress up and play defensively as the North seeks to extend their winning streak to two games.

In 2019, the north ousted the south at 41-34, leading the streak all-time at 16-15. Last year elections were not played because of the corona crisis.

The game kicks off at 11am at the Lockwood High School soccer field.

“We’re going to beat the South on Saturday,” said the 5-foot-11, 160-pound Fast, who also played wide receiver for the Scotties.

Last season, Glasgow reached the semi-finals before falling against eventual national champions Manhattan 43-18.

There was almost an all-conference selection of the first team on the defensive back and an all-conference selection of the second team on the wide receiver.

He’s looking forward to the annual game and has enjoyed the Fellowship Allstar Week deals.

“It should be fun to play everyone you played against in the regular season and to band together and try to beat the south,” said Fast. “It is an honor to be selected and represent Glasgow and the football program there.”

For Fast, a key member of the Scotties’ consecutive wrestling teams in the State B championship and three-time individual winner in the state of BC, Saturday will close the chapter of his athletics career at the school.

Fast will be studying civil engineering at Montana State University this fall. He won’t be playing any sport, a change from his time with the Scotties.

“I just want to pursue academics and a career in civil engineering,” said Fast, who as a senior had a grade point average of 3.6.

While Fast athletic had its part, he said the all-star game will bring new challenges.

Both teams, the north and the south, learn schemes and work with new teammates. Plus, every person on the roster is an all-star player who graduated from high school this spring.

“It’s pretty hard. They do not know the exact routes they will take, ”said Fast about his preparations on the defensive. “They are all talented children and quick. It will be a challenge to keep, but should be fun. “

Almost said if he hadn’t practiced the week at Rocky Mountain College to prepare for Saturday’s competition, he would have worked on the family’s farm, 10 miles outside of Glasgow.

Instead of learning new plays and making friends, he would “pick stones in a field with my grandpa or help with watering” or perhaps help make sure “machines are ready for harvest”.

While he enjoys working the wheat, pea, lentil and flax farms with his family, Fast cherishes one last time to shine as a high school athlete.

“It will be fun to play another game, especially with the talents from all the different cities and meeting new people,” said Fast. “There is a lot of talent and you can see that when we train. Everyone is athletic and knows what they are doing. “

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