Peet makes an early impression for Geneva School Soccer | Native sports activities

Spring football is just one of the steps necessary to prepare for a fall season.

The coronavirus pandemic threw a wrench into these plans and schools played a shortened regular season as the fall 2020 campaign was delayed.

Geneva College was one of those schools. The tornadoes recently finished a shortened season with 2-3 points.

Geneva high school graduate and freshman Blake Peet made the most of his college season when he ran back.

“I was nervous, but after the first snapshot it was good to get used to,” said Peet, the 2019 Ashtabula County Player of the Year.

For his efforts, Peet was named All-Presidents’ Athletic Conference.

“I didn’t expect it,” he said of the postseason honor. “It was a great achievement and only gives me the energy to work harder.”

Peet finished the season with 231 yards of rushing and two touchdowns.

In that season finale against Waynesburg, he ran 131 yards, including a 45-yard touchdown run, to open the scoring for Geneva. Peet also got three passes for 40 yards.

“The last game brought me forward,” said Peet. “I have more tote bags that gave me more options.”

The tornadoes overcame a deficit in the second half and scored a 21:14 win.

“We had problems in the first half,” said Peet. “We designed outside games in the second quarter and I split up for a touchdown. We kept going outside and it worked. “

Peet arrived in Geneva thinking of cracking the grid.

The fall 2020 season was postponed until spring, but he continued to work alongside his teammates.

“I started getting reps with the ones,” said Peet. “I was a beginner in my position. I knew it was going to be a short season. “

Peet said the goal for the fall is to prepare like a regular season.

“We practiced five days a week and trained three days a week,” he said. “They were basic things that we did during the season. In the fall there were a lot of things with full contact.

“We are carrying out the triple option, which is similar to Geneva [High School]. I definitely feel like I’m a good fit with it. “

Peet knew the season would be played in the spring.

“It was safe after the Christmas break,” he said. “The hard work paid off in the off-season. My strength was better. “

Peet said his opponents are on the same pitch.

“You can tell everyone was a lot bigger,” he said. “I would be grabbed and look up to people. But when you run it’s the same game. “

With one year under his belt, Peet, who can use a fifth season of eligibility due to the coronavirus pandemic, will soon take a back seat.

“We have a few weeks off,” he said. “Late summer, we’re getting ready for fall.”

A full schedule for 10 games will be available in the fall.

“I feel pretty healthy now,” said Peet. “I work in the gym and get ready.”

Peet is also not resting on his laurels with his playing time.

“I came in and took someone’s job,” he said. “I want to do what I did last season. I always try to improve my game. “

Peet, a major in environmental engineering, is glad he chose Geneva.

“Trainer [Geno] DeMarco is doing a great job, ”he said. “He wants to develop us as men and improve you in life.”

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