Pittsburgh Steelers participant rating based mostly on fantasy soccer worth

The start of summer usually means that fantasy football draft season is just around the corner. Filling up with leaderboards and choosing players will keep the die-hard fantasy fans busy. But if you just want to play for fun and win your favorite Pittsburgh Steelers players, I am here for you. Below are the laps you should normally see when these guys get off the draft board, so be prepared and get your guy!

Let us do this…

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When it comes to rookie tight ends, they don’t get the best shake in Pittsburgh. While I think Freiermuth could be one of the season’s pickups of the year if it doesn’t develop, you’ll only lose a squad spot by calling up the young big man. It’s an interesting late-night pick for the Dynasty users out there.

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Pittsburgh Steelers

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This year is not going well for Eric Ebron. A year older, he’s likely to be asked to block more, and a rookie is hot on his heels. I strongly recommend finding your tight end elsewhere and only picking up Ebron when absolutely necessary.

NFL: Baltimore Ravens with the Pittsburgh Steelers

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Yes, I know this may come as a surprise to some, but Roethlisberger’s stocks are extremely low across the league. If your opponents aren’t Steelers fans, Ben won’t be claimed, but I still wouldn’t be surprised if he came up with top 10 fantasy numbers for a quarterback. The bottom line is that you recharge your team elsewhere and circle back at the start of the season.

NFL: AFC Wild Card Round-Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers

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Washington will again be the least productive of the Steelers Big Four receivers, which makes his status as an undrawn player pretty obvious. However, if someone has been injured, this would be a sneaky good addition to fill in the void your fellow Steelers recipients have left.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals with the Pittsburgh Steelers

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The fact is, you need a kicker. The fact is, Chris Boswell is a good kicker. The fact is, picking a kicker outside of the final round is bad at fantasy football.

Indianapolis Colts versus Pittsburgh Steelers

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The Steelers are still number one in fantasy football defense. Usually you want to take that place with your penultimate pick, but with her talent and point deviation from number two, you’ll have to get her a round or so earlier.

Pittsburgh Steelers versus Cleveland Browns

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JuJu Smith-Schuster has brought the fantasy rankings down over the years. Its Pittsburgh abuse is worrying, but breaking it down can give the senior receiver better routes and more distance.

Pittsburgh Steelers versus Baltimore Ravens

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Chase Claypool is a fantasy beast about to break out as a deep menace. Overall, he may turn out to be the most talented Steelers receiver, but outside concerns with Ben Roethlisberger covers his blanket that could easily be blown away. This could be your sleeper pick of the year.

Cincinnati Bengals versus Pittsburgh Steelers

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Diontae Johnson has become Roethlisberger’s top target. He gets a ton of passes thrown in his way and when you play in a league per receiving league that means it all. The biggest concern is if the drop issues persist and Johnson is put on the Steelers Bank for a number of weeks. But if he does find out, he could be paying huge dividends to your fantasy team.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers Mini Camp

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Could it be someone else? Fantasy football is a running back-oriented game and the Steelers have invested heavily in this game. Harris has the potential to become the NFL’s offensive rookie of the year. He was able to claim over 400 touches (23 per game) and exceeded all expectations of the rookie running back class. If you’re playing with other Steelers fans, you might have to catch him late in the first round or early second round, but if you manage to get him in the third round, you might just win your league!

But what do you mean Which Steelers would you like to have on your fantasy football team? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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