Predicting Arkansas’ file for the 2021 school soccer season

Posted: Jul 9, 2021 / 11:53 AM CDTUpdated: 07/09/2021 / 11:53 AM CDT

Courtesy photo: University of Arkansas Athletics

By Otis Kirk

FAYETTEVILLE – Arkansas is emerging from a 3-7 season that was all SEC games, but this fall seems to be returning to a sense of normalcy.

The Hogs are scheduled to play on a 12-game schedule with the normal four non-conference games and back to eight SEC competitions.

This will be Sam Pittman’s second season in Arkansas. The Hogs were on the verge of winning three more games that they had lost.

Here’s a look at the Arkansas schedule for this fall and the prediction for each game.

September 4th, Reis, Fayetteville – My first prediction is that this will be one of the hottest games this fall. The kick-off is scheduled for 1 p.m. This is an old rival to the Southwest Conference. Prediction: Arkansas (1-0)

September 11th, Texas, Fayetteville – Just like Rice, this is a pair of ex-SWC rivals. The Longhorns were the team fans they hated and many still do. Texas won most of the time against Arkansas, but the Razorbacks have had better luck against them since joining the SEC. The Hogs won their last meeting at the Texas Bowl. Prediction: Arkansas (2-0)

September 18, Georgia Southern, Fayetteville – Think of North Texas, San Jose State, Colorado State, and a few others in recent years. This is a dangerous game for Arkansas. They were 8-5 in 2020, beating a pretty good Louisiana tech team by 38-3 in a bowl game. Prediction: Arkansas (3-0)

September 25, Texas A&M, Arlington, Texas – This series has produced some close games in the past few years, but the Aggies have dominated the Hogs since joining the SEC. This will be a designated home game for the Razorbacks. One day the Hogs will beat them, but I don’t think it will be this year. Prediction: Arkansas Lose (3-1)

October 2, Georgia, Athens, Georgia – Pittman leads his team to a place he is very familiar with. Pittman was the Bulldogs’ offensive line coach when he was hired to replace Chad Morris in Arkansas. Prediction: Arkansas Lose (3-2)

October 9th at Ole Miss, Oxford, Miss. – It’s going to be a fight. The Hogs adopted this game in 2020 when the Arkansas Defense made it a very long day for the Ole Miss quarterback. Pittman and the Hogs had success in Mississippi last fall when they reached Starkville and defeated the state of Mississippi. This is difficult to predict. Prediction: Arkansas Lose (3-3)

October 16, Auburn, Fayetteville – Arkansas should have won that game in Auburn last season. An incredibly blown call at the end of the game let Auburn get away with the win. Prediction: Arkansas (4-3)

October 23, UAPB, Little Rock – The Hogs will fight an opponent in the state at the War Memorial. This should be an easy win for the Hogs. Forecast: Arkansas (5-3)

November 6th, Mississippi State, Fayetteville – Arkansas surprised a lot of college football folks last fall when they went to Starkville and beat an MSU team that had just blown out LSU in Baton Rouge. The Bulldogs got better as the season progressed. Prediction: Arkansas (6-3)

November 13th at LSU, Baton Rouge, La. – A depleted line of defense was the only thing preventing Arkansas from defeating LSU last fall in Fayetteville. How good will LSU be this season? Some think great and others are very skeptical. I could see this game going both ways. Prediction: Arkansas Lose (6-4)

November 20, in Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. – It’s been a long time since the Hogs defeated the Flood. And it will probably be a while before it happens again. Prediction: Arkansas Lose (6-5)

November 26th, Missouri, Fayetteville – This game returns to Black Friday. Missouri has, amazingly, dominated this series since the two started playing. Don’t expect it to continue this year. Prediction: Arkansas (7-5)

So the prediction is that Arkansas will play 7-5 this fall.

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