Prolonged playoffs may change the school soccer panorama

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The question: During his Powercat Questions Podcast on June 17, 2021, GPC subscriber EMAWrica asked about the impact the expanded 12-team playoff could have on Kansas State and whether it will only help the SEC gain even more power in the college football world to get. Here’s how GoPowercat editor Tim Fitzgerald reacted when spontaneously spoken on the show …

“Okay, I have a different philosophy. I really think more schools have access to the playoffs, and the national championship will eventually ease recruitment. If you’re a four-star company that really wants to compete for a national title . ” You know, right now you have to go to schools and list them, there are only about six of them if you really want to guarantee yourself a chance to do that. And really give yourself a good chance if it’s Alabama, or Clemson, maybe Ohio state is sneaking into this conversation. These three are safe. I go there. If I want to win a national title, I have to go there.

“That changes that. This means that everyone else has access. Now, in advance of this, they still benefit from this recruiting dominance, but they will continue to dominate. But slowly, I think, the talents will spread.” a little bit more. And teams like Bill Snyder (had) in the late 90s are becoming more competitive and will be able to compete at that level. I think what I’m saying is that I believe the SEC will eventually get five teams, which I admit it will happen early (if they don’t limit the number of teams a conference can host) it will work by themselves.

“I really think so. You (the SEC) thrive on the incestuous relationship as we see teams based on their schedule. Oh, you played against Alabama and A&M, whoever put the teams up, you’re a good team . We know that’s not true. And what will defeat that, especially when you’re dealing with a school that has purposely avoided out-of-conference challenges. Let’s not forget that the SEC is still only playing eight conference games with that they can have that November tune-up game against someone who has no chance, usually in November, maybe September, but November it shakes and they have no chance, that’s the most annoying thing the SEC does.

“But now they’re going to get these teams into the playoffs, and it’s up to everyone else to beat the living crap out of them. Because when that happens, the whole SEC myth will be undone. I agree that SEC is” the best conference . I don’t doubt that. But not every team in this conference is superior to everyone else. So if you put in your fourth place team and they pull the first place team out of the Pac-12, the Pac-12 champion better wins that game, and when that happens, those SEC teams will go down in value.

“It’s not going to happen right away, but the rest of college football has to catch up and prove a point. Prove the same point that Boise State proved by defeating Oklahoma in a major bowl game – that those barriers are mythical.” and they can overcome a one-game mindset. That’s why they only wanted four teams in the playoffs. That myth could never be broken because they would only lose to other naming programs. And now they have to play against teams like maybe Cincinnati or the Heaven forbid a Kansas State when things get going.

“And when these schools start winning these games, the entire topography of college football will change. The landscape will change completely. And really, if you’re Kansas State or a smaller school like this, that’s really kind of out of the way. ”The club. That’s what you want right there. You have to change the landscape. “

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