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Lahaina 7v7 soccer players recently reached the finals of a tournament in Las Vegas.

LAHAINA – Despite losing high school football for the 2020 season, several Maui community organizations – including the Maui County Police Department – have come together to promote 7-on-7 programs for athletes across the island.

The NXT Level organization in Lahaina provides the guidelines and support for around 100 Keiki, ages six to 18, to compete in the 7v7 competition.

Participants adhere to the requirements of academics, nonprofits, and citizenship as per the guidelines of the program.

Led by Cliffane Casco and a coaching staff that includes LeeArron Yap, Jayson Cabanilla, Jayson Keanini and Ivanhoe Mathias, the Lahaina NXT Level team recently traveled to Las Vegas for a 25-team tournament.

In a tough effort, NXT Level reached the tournament championship finals, but fell to the Hawaii Finest team in a double overtime thriller.

NXT Level finished the event with a 3-1 record and was in the top 5 of the 25-team field.

The NXT Level Uni List includes Kalai Storer, Devon Sa Chisolm, Neil Agabayani, Ekolu Mathias, Tre Rickard, Treven Tihada, Sky Smith, Julian Armstrong, Shawn Abut, Justin Deleon, Ka’ili Casco, Kalai Yap, Blare Silva Viela and Will Casco, Khyren Purdy, Anu Kaina, Dom Damasco and Ian Cabanilla.

The freshman team consisted of Ka’onohi Casco, Pa’ani Yap, Kainoa Keanini, Avery Babayan, Aiden Takahashi, Noa Gordon, Makana Kamaka Brayce, Keegan Gantala, Ikaika Cabrera, Noah Garcia, James Lukela Kobatake, Teddy Fauhiva and Brayden Alavanso . Team managers were Kalena Balingit and Tori Tihada.

The team’s sponsors included Judson and Martina McCall-Nagasako from the Ballout Ohana Maui Youth Foundation, Cody Nakamura from the Maui Flag Football League, Clint and Starlet from Molokai Hot Bread, Lauvale and Sarah Sape Foundation, and 1995 LHS alum Fred Feliti Taukei ‘ aho and his wife Angie at Snow College.

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