Quinn ‘the Intestine’ Meinerz prepared to assist Denver ‘win soccer video games’

Quinn Meinerz, also known as “The Gut,” was designed by the Broncos with Pick 98.

The OL as well as GM George Paton and head coach Vic Fangio met with the press to discuss the decisions and the future.

Meinerz said the process of getting there was amazing. When he got out of Division III and his senior season was canceled due to COVID-19, it was a late invitation to the Senior Bowl that really put him on the NFL card.

“Being able to climb the boards like me doesn’t happen very often,” he said. “I’m just looking forward to going into the offensive room to start the competition and help the Denver Broncos organization win football games.”

Last year was tough for the Wisconsin-Whitewater player, Meinerz said, adding it was a lot of hard work staying ready even though he hadn’t played soccer.

“I did my own thing, did the learning center on my own and scratched my butt every day,” he said, noting that the “little taste of football” in the Senior Bowl was great.

“It was amazing to be running through that tunnel again and practicing,” he said. “I’m so excited to be back on the soccer field.”

George Paton said he thinks Meinerz rose to the draft board because of his Senior Bowl appearance. The game filled a lot of information gaps about him as a player as he did not have a 2020 season.

“When you see him doing one-on-one practice blocking people from playing in the first and second rounds, it was pretty amazing,” said Paton. “We had to go back two years ago when he was 20 pounds heavier … it was hard to judge until we went to the Senior Bowl.”

The GM is confident that, given the athleticism and OLB’s love of the game’s physicality, Meinerz will be a good fit for Denver’s offensive line.

Meinerz may not have been sure what position Denver will put him in, but Fangio made it clear that he sees Meinerz as a multi-faceted player and that he can envision him in both the guard and middle positions.

He explained that they don’t want too many players in one position, adding, “We’ll train him each other. We’re going to start him somewhere and let him get his feet wet – get grounded. But at some point we need people who can play center and guard. “

Fangio also said that as the offseason progresses it will be easier to assess what the team needs and if Meinerz has to take a second position they will coach him for it sooner rather than later.

As it stands, Meinerz will be a major contributor to Denver’s offensive line. Fangio has a positive outlook on the competition among their linemen in the 2021 season.

“I think the competition brings out the best in everyone,” he said, noting the mix of young players and mid-career players. “It’s going to be a good competition and nothing is better than that.”

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