Refugio Excessive College soccer stadium is because of reopen earlier than the beginning of the season

REFUGIO, Texas – Refugio High School’s soccer stadium has been closed since January 2020 after chunks of concrete fell off.

But recently the school district’s sports department received good news from engineers investigating the integrity of the building.

Refugio ISD’s sporting director and senior high school football coach Jason Herring says engineers have determined the damage is superficial and after workers coat the stadium with apoxy it can reopen in mid-August – before the football season starts the school.

“It’s still a concrete stadium, but it will look like a brand new concrete stadium,” said Herring. “I’m just pink tickled for the kids – for the community.”

His joy is shared by members of the Refugio community who, before the stadium closed, got used to the fact that extremely high quality football was played under the lights there on Friday night.

“You haven’t played in this stadium in three years,” said Paul Ynostrosa, who lives across from the stadium. “You will have full houses.”

While Ynostrosa overestimated the length of the stadium closure, Herring that his team are playing in front of large crowds is no exaggeration.

And that’s not all he says, it makes the game experience in the stadium of his school something special.

“Bobcat football is more than just the game,” said Herring. “(There is) the stadium – Jack Sportsman Bobcat Stadium – the whole story, all the tradition, our graduation, our marching bands.

Herring is also grateful that the head of the Refugio ISD and the school authorities have provided the financing for the repair and the early reopening of the stadium.

“I don’t know all the details, but I just know they figured out a way to get it to work and I’m really grateful for that,” he said.

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