Return to regular, coach modifications spotlight upcoming highschool soccer season in Louisiana – Crescent Metropolis Sports activities

Official training for the Louisiana soccer prep programs begins in two months’ time for the 2021 season. Excitement can be found across Louisiana with the anticipation of the soccer season on the horizon.

With the COVID short season 2020 in the rear-view mirror, the 2021 campaign starts in the first week of September and ends on the second weekend in December. Players, coaches and fans are relieved that the uncertainty of a football season is behind them.

A full list of 10 games is available for this year’s regular season.

No matter what year, there is always a change from one season to the next in the ranks of the head coach. A total of 49 preparation programs for the 2021 season will now be under new management.

Some notes on the new head coaches for the 2021 prep season:

• 13 head coaches were promoted internally
• Made 12 lateral movements from one head coaching position to the next
• Move up 12 offensive coordinators
• 8 defensive coordinators promoted
• 4 schools have yet to recruit for 2021 (Hanson Memorial, North Central, Red River, West St. Mary)
• 2 were hired by a local middle school (Knight at Albany and Myers at Slaughter Charter)
• 2 increased when their “between” tags were removed (Duron at Evangel and Clark at Pine Prairie)
• 2 will be in their second station at their new school (Oliver at Baker and Duron at Evangel)
• 1 new head coach was no longer a coach in 2020 (Moore at Northwood-Lena)

Top-class movements:

Ryan Manale
De La Salle to Jesuit – The chain reaction started in the summer of 2020 when the Jesuit head coach at the time, Mark Songy, stepped down to join the administration. Offensive coordinator Scott Bairnsfather became the interim head coach and led the Blue Jays to the quarterfinals of Division I, where he almost knocked brother Martin down. Meanwhile, Manale de la Salle commanded the Division II final and nearly toppled St. Thomas More. Manale would be hired by the Jesuits in February, with Archbishop Rummel offensive coordinator and DLS alum Graham Jarrott his successor
“On the avenue”.

David Simoneaux
Catholic Pointe Coupee to Catholic Baton Rouge – The extremely successful Gabe Fertitta led the Catholic Bears to four state title games in his four years at the top and led CHS to two championships. Fertitta would step down in February and take an offensive analyst position on the University of Louisville’s staff. Simoneaux, a former state champion as a player and assistant at his alma mater of Parkview Baptist, would be the Dark Horse Hire at Division I Power of the same name as his previous stint. Simoneaux brought CHSPC to the Division IV state title game in 2019.Offensive coordinator Vinnie Bullara was promoted from within to take over Simoneaux.

Wayne Stone
Promotion from Defensive Coordinator to Head Coach at St. Charles Catholic – Five Decades Coach Frank Monica resigned from an illustrious career in the Hall of Fame after leading the Comets to the Division III state championship game for two consecutive years. Long-time defensive coordinator and former SCC player Wayne Stein, also head baseball coach, will take over the reins of Class 2A Power. Stein’s defense has long been revered by opponents across the state and routinely gives larger programs with more depth and athleticism that fit on Friday evenings. Stein led the Comets to a state title in baseball in 2019 and a state runner-up in 2021.

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