San Diego Excessive Faculty Soccer Group Sanctioned for Racist Posting

SAN DIEGO (AP) – A college sports governing body in San Diego has sanctioned the football program of a private Catholic high school whose players were accused of posting racist photos of a rival team from a predominantly Latin American public high school.

The San Diego City Conference suspended Cathedral Catholic High’s soccer coach for two games and suspended the team for two years after investigating two social media posts, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

On the day Cathedral Catholic and Lincoln High played against each other in April, Lincoln High players and coaches learned that a Cathedral player for the private school had shared social media posts featuring someone wearing a shirt that read, ” Catholics vs. Convicts III ”was shown. Another post showed players from the cathedral making a gang sign.

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The controversy stems from a controversial slogan in the late 1980s coined by Notre Dame University students for a t-shirt amid a fierce football rivalry with the University of Miami. The rivalry culminated in a 1988 game that was later highlighted in a 2016 ESPN documentary entitled “Catholics vs. Convicts”.

The San Diego City Conference ordered the Catholic Cathedral, a majority of which are white students, to run a restorative education program. The conference oversees sports teams in the San Diego Unified School District and some private schools.

Five days after the game, Cathedral Catholic apologized for the social media photos but declined to say whether the students wearing the t-shirts had been suspended, according to the newspaper.

Cathedral Catholic High is a private school in the Carmel Valley that has approximately 1,600 students enrolled. The school charges annual tuition fees of $ 20,000 even though 35% of its students receive financial assistance.

Lincoln, an integrated school in San Diego, is located in southeast San Diego and has approximately 1,400 students. 87% come from low-income families. Approximately 18% of Lincoln students are black and 71% are Hispanic.

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