School Soccer: Kyle Ohradzansky Joins the College of Findlay as Offensive Coordinator for Shippensburg College after 5 seasons | College

The soccer team of the University of Shippensburg has a new offensive coordinator.

Kyle Ohradzansky – who comes to the SU after five seasons at the University of Findlay – slips into the position of offensive coordinator for the Raiders from head coach Mark Maciejewski and is designated as quarterbacks and wide receivers coach for the 2021 season. Ohradzansky made the announcement official on Monday via his Twitter.

In his five seasons at Findlay – two of them as a research assistant – Ohradzanksy specialized as a quarterbacks coach and passing game coordinator. In the team’s 2019 campaign, the Oilers averaged 38 points and 463 yards per game. The year before, the UF offensive produced similar numbers, a region-best 41.2 points per game, paired with 494 strips per game.

Ohradnzansky will have an abundance of returning talent to work with as two-year-old quarterback Brycen Mussina will stay under the center and top target David Balint III leads the wide receiver / tight end Corp.

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