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20 for 2021 College Football Topics, No. 14: The coaching hot seat ranking for all Power Five teams.

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What is the hot seat status of all Power Five head coaches?

Sitting in a hot seat isn’t just about whether a head coach has to win a soccer game or have a big season to keep the job. That’s the biggest part of staying in the job, of course, but it’s also about pressure.

Some of the most famous head coaches have no real chance of getting fired, but they have to deal with unfair expectations through the roof. Really, but these rankings are about who has to win … NOW.

The hot seat rankings range from the coolest seats in any Power Five conference to those in dire need of a massive campaign.

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ACC Preseason Hot Seat Coach Ranking List 2021

14. Dabo Swinney, Clemson

The pressure is on a whole different level now – it would be a failure not to win the ACC championship and go to the college football playoffs – but it’s obviously in the highly respected elite coaching district.
Record with team
: 140-33
ACC Preseason Hot Seat Ranking
2020: 14, 2019: 14, 2018: 14
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13. Mack Brown, North Carolina

No, he’s not in a hot seat when it comes to possibly getting fired, buuuuuuuut … is Mack Brown going to be Mack Brown? He’s recruited well enough to have a team worthy to play for the ACC championship – UNC isn’t in Clemson’s division – and this year the results must match talent.
Record with team
: 15-10
ACC Preseason Hot Seat Ranking
2020: 9, 2019: 3, 2018: NA
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12. Dave Clawson, Wake Forest

If you want to make a list of who is doing the worst with the fewest, Clawson could be at the top. Five straight bowls in the Wake Forest is amazing – it can have a year dud and be more than fine.
Record with team
: 40-45
ACC Preseason Hot Seat Ranking
2020: 10, 2019: 8, 2018: 10
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11. Jeff Hafley, Boston College

The passing game is great, Boston College looks dangerous and there’s a shot of Hafley being one of the hot aspiring coaches with a big year. As long as BC goes into a bowl, everything is fine.
Record with team
: 6-5
ACC Preseason Hot Seat Ranking
2020: 12, 2019: NA, 2018: NA
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10. Bronco Mendenhall, Virginia

He can live another year from the 2019 Orange Bowl appearance. Virginia will never be the pressure cooker of the jobs that others are, and while the results aren’t always perfect, Mendenhall is still one of the top coaches in the league.
Record with team
: 30-32
ACC Preseason Hot Seat Ranking
2020: 13, 2019: 12, 2018: 8
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9. Scott Satterfield, Louisville

It’s not as if the excitement has waned after a huge 2019, but the 4-7 last season was a big disappointment. He’s a good guy, he has a great attitude and a great tone to the program, and he’s fine until 2022 no matter what, but something still needs to be built.
Record with team
: 12-13
ACC Preseason Hot Seat Ranking
2020: 11, 2019: 13, 2018: NA
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8. Dave Doeren, NC state

Doeren got it back after a 4-8 season in 2019 with a typical 8-4-like campaign and now he has to keep things going with one of his better teams. He’ll always sit in a warm seat – that’s the nature of the NC State Gig – but he’ll get away with a disappointing run next year too.
Record with team
: 55-46
ACC Preseason Hot Seat Ranking
2020: 2, 2019: 7, 2018: 5
NC status preview | Time schedule

7. Pat Narduzzi, Pitt Panthers

The pressure has eased a bit as Pitt found a bit of groove with his style. However, he cannot afford a really bad year. As long as the Panthers go bowling, he’s fine.
Record with team
: 42-34
ACC Preseason Hot Seat Ranking
2020: 4, 2019: 2, 2018: 1
Pitt preview | Time schedule

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6. Geoff Collins, Georgia Tech

How long does the “he has to completely redesign the offensive” thing work? It’s year three and now production has to come and victories have to be there, but that’s going to be a problem with an awkward schedule.
Record with team
: 6-16
ACC Preseason Hot Seat Ranking
2020: 6, 2019: 11, 2018: NA
GT preview | Time schedule

5. Manny Diaz, Miami

It’s amazing what happens when you have a great quarterback and an offensive that works. It’s Miami so the pressure will always be high and the seat will always be hot, but after the 8-3 it cooled down a bit.
Record with team
: 14-10
ACC Preseason Hot Seat Ranking
2020: 1, 2019: 6, 2018: NA
Miami preview | Time schedule

4. Mike Norvell, Florida State

Yes, a year in a pandemic shouldn’t mean much, but considering how quickly Willie Taggart got out of town, the same standards must apply here too. Start winning or else.
Record with team
: 3-6
ACC Preseason Hot Seat Ranking
2020: 8, 2019: NA, 2018: NA
FSU preview | Time schedule

3. David Cutcliffe, Duke

Yes, he may be one of the best teachers in the game, and the pressure for football at Duke is never there, but he’s 4-15 in his last 19 games with three losing seasons in the last five. This is his 13th year – there must be something positive about this season.
Record with team
: 74-88
ACC Preseason Hot Seat Ranking
2020: 7, 2019: 10, 2018: 7
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2. Dino Babers, Syracuse

He’ll get one more shot to prove that the ten-win season wasn’t a total accident. Syracuse doesn’t have to win the ACC title – and it may not even have to go bowling – but this can’t be one of the worst teams in the conference again. Just pull yourself out of the nosedive and show hope for 2022 and things could be fine.
Record with team
: 24-36
ACC Preseason Hot Seat Ranking
2020: 3, 2019: 9, 2018: 2
Syracuse preview | Time schedule

1. Justin Fuente, Virginia Tech

It’s kind of like there is a year. The Hokies haven’t quite undercut over the past few seasons, but they’re not in the ACC title mix like they need to be. At least they have to make some noise in the Coastal.
Record with team
: 38-26
ACC Preseason Hot Seat Ranking
2020: 5, 2019: 4, 2018: 13
VT preview | Time schedule

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