Sofa remembers glory days from highschool within the UK; Appointed a finalist within the School Soccer Corridor of Fame – The Advocate-Messenger

When Kentucky hired Liam Coen as its new offensive coordinator, he admitted that one player he watched playing in his teens was Kentucky quarterback Tim Couch, number 1 on the 1999 NFL Draft.

“I thought that was great. Little did I know he grew up a Kentucky football fan or a fan of mine and tried to wear his jersey like I did, ”Couch said. “It’s really cool to see how (the offensive) has grown and people are going in different directions. It’s just phenomenal. “

Couch joked that Mississippi state coach Mike Leach, his offensive coordinator in the UK, is likely running the same system and naming the same pieces as he did at Hal Mumme in Kentucky.

Couch had a record-breaking career in Kentucky – 8,435 yards and 74 touchdowns – just like in Leslie County High School – 872 degrees for 12,104 yards and 133 touchdowns, all national records.

The former British quarterback said it wasn’t easy to decide whether he missed high school or college football more.

“It’s special in high school because you play with people who you’ve grown up with all your life,” Couch said. “It’s something very special to be able to play with your best buddies every Friday evening.

“In college you meet people you’ve never seen before. They come together and form a team. The college is pretty special because of that. That’s why it’s hard to say what I miss the most. The college game is so much fun.

“We were lucky that Hal and Leach were a perfect fit for us offensively. Even now people are still running the air raid. It was cool to be there from the start. “

Couch is again a finalist in the College Football Hall of Fame election and also understands how difficult it is to be selected for inclusion.

“Just being a finalist is an honor,” said Couch. “Sure, I feel like I have the numbers I need to fit in. I hope you put me in before I die because it’s the most you can get.”

Dennis Johnson, a former Kentucky all-SEC defense attorney, doesn’t understand why Couch isn’t already in the Hall of Fame.

“He’s a surefire winner. There was no one better, ”said Johnson. “He could distribute the ball. It brought excitement not just to Kentucky but across the country. He played in the best conference and was able to raise the Air Raid to national fame. “

Anthony White was part of that productive offensive that Couch staged. Like Johnson, he sees no reason for Couch not to be a Hall of Famer.

“I don’t know what else he could do to get into the Hall of Fame,” said White.

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