Stefon Diggs was ranked the third greatest fantasy soccer recipient

The Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs now has more fuel for the fire.

On Thursday, ESPN Fantasy Football expert Matthew Berry published his top 10 ranking for wide receivers this year. For some reason Stefon Diggs wasn’t in the top two. Berry put him behind Davante Adams of the Green Bay Packers and Tyreek Hill (which Bills fans will be talking about) the Kansas City Chiefs.

I can understand the ranking behind Adams as he had 18 leading touchdowns in the league last season compared to the 8 Stefon Diggs had. Hill, on the other hand, finished second on that list with 15 touchdowns.

We just showed our way too early leaderboard on #TheFantasyShow on @ESPNPlus … here are my top 10 WR ranks (if Rodgers isn’t in the UK, Adams won’t be number 1). To discuss.

– Matthew Berry (@MatthewBerryTMR) May 21, 2021

Fantasy is all about points. But I have a hard time seeing how the guy who led the league on receiving shipyards ranks third here. If there is anything valuable, it is consistency. Let’s take a look at Diggs vs. Hill 2020 stats (more detailed stats here)

It’s tempting to take that very solid 1 touchdown / game average from Hill. However, with 10 meters less per game, this means that at least 1 point is lost every week. Depending on the length of your season, that’s 14-16 points that are lost in one season. This can sometimes cost your team the desired playoff spot. If Hill is your gamble and you love it, great! I’m more inclined to place and pick Diggs over Hill, however, as he’s the true # 1 pass catcher for the Buffalo Bills.

Nobody knows what the 17-game season will bring for fantasy football. But it was supposed to be a three-person race for first place in the fantasy football rankings.

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