Steven M. Sipple: Moss prefers eight-team school soccer playoffs, however 12 appears even higher | Sports activities

“It’s a reward for the community. It’s another home game, ”he said. “The university itself presents itself on a national stage. Some of my colleagues say, ‘Oh, there could be bad weather so we have to play in domes.’ But I say, ‘Look, basically 100% of these players think they’re going to play the next level and if you play for the Miami Dolphins they’ll send you to Buffalo.’

“It’s the real world, man. The thing is, if you get a first round match, it’s because you earned it. “

The bottom line is that Moos is unwavering in his preference for a field with eight teams.

“I think 12 is too big,” he said. “When do you start playing these games? Are there goodbye? What do you get when you are rated the highest? “

Good news for those in favor of the 12-point field: There are answers to these questions.

According to the four-member subgroup of the CFP Management Committee, a selection committee would continue to be involved in the ranking teams. In a 12-team model, six seats would be reserved for the highest-ranking conference masters, the other six going to a large selection. The four top-ranked Conference champions received first-round byes and teams 5-12 faced each other in four games played on campus sometime in the two weeks after the Conference championship weekend, usually early December.

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