Summer season highschool soccer observe in South Carolina “regular” once more

FORT MILL, SC (WBTV) – At this point last summer, we were all in the middle of a pandemic and big questions were raised as to whether there would be a high school football season at all. But what difference does a year make.

“Last year we could only have 8 children on the field at the same time,” said Catawba Ridge head coach Zac Lendyak. “Since they were training 8 children at the same time, they only saw a quarter of their teammates by the first day of training camp.”

In addition to the only 8 children on a practice area, all had to wear their masks; soccer balls were not thrown, as it was mainly a matter of conditioning work.

A year later there are no COVID restrictions when it comes to fieldwork or players in the weight room.

Once again, the traditions of 7 versus 7 in June and July are back in full swing with neighboring schools in high school stadiums across Palmetto State.

“Sitting there thinking that we are on the way back to something normal and opening the season in full swing in August is just exciting,” said coach.

Even if things are going in the right direction, there are still reminders that COVID is still very far from our lives.

Last weekend, the NC State baseball team was disqualified from the College World Series due to a surge in positive COVID cases on the team. Although restrictions have been eased, great caution is still required.

“One of the biggest things we try is not to let them be together for more than 15 to 20 minutes,” said the coach. “We keep them together in groups and try to keep an eye on them while we film the exercise to make sure we know who was around. The simple things when you are not feeling well, stay at home. So we try to be as careful as possible while we prepare them for the lights on Friday night. “

So when it comes to COVID, no one is dropping vigilance, but it’s just nice to be able to take a deep breath and have soccer in the foreground of your summer training.

“I think the last year has been so stressful all along,” said Lendyak. “I just always worry, ‘will I get sick, will someone else get sick?’ It was just mentally draining. You seem more relaxed. You seem happier. They get around their friends more. The camaraderie is just a lot better this year. “

That could get scary for the Copperheads’ opponents this season.

Last year, under the stress of a pandemic, Catawba Ridge made it to the 4A Upper State Championship game in its second year of existence.

Expectations are high again and they will have to deal with them. They are just fine to deal with without COVID restrictions and hopefully it will stay that way for the rest of 2021 and beyond.

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