Teel: School Soccer Playoff Extension Proposal Receives Combined Evaluations From ACC | College sports activities

“I’m not here to feel sorry for anyone, but it’s a lot easier said than done.”

Finalists in the 12-team model would play at least three and maybe four playoff games. Add in a 12-game Regular Season and Conference title contest, and the grind of 16 or, in rare cases, 17 games is undeniable.

But Florida State quarterback McKenzie Milton, who led an undefeated UCF team that would have reached a 12-team playoff in 2017, and Virginia Tech tight end James Mitchell wouldn’t disrupt the extended season.

Seventeen games “would be tough,” said Mitchell, “but for a lot of people who want to get to the next level, this is the standard. Seventeen [games] is the NFL standard. … I think maybe across the board [an expanded field] could give more teams the opportunity to compete against each other and show that they are among the best. “

Swinney, who has led Clemson to six consecutive playoffs and two national championships, is against the CFP extension but believes it is inevitable.

Mendenhall likes the concept of more teams fighting for the title but, like Swinney, believes that an 11-game regular season would be more appropriate.

“There are irrelevant non-conference games played throughout college football that I think would be a good deal,” Mendenhall said.

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