T&G house group highschool soccer (offense) all-star group

Home team player of the year

Noah Callery

Doherty High, senior, quarterback

Callery won the quarterback starting job as a freshman and held it for four years, leading the Highlanders to a 30-7 record and three postseason berths while kicking off a total of 6,382 yards offensive and making 75 touchdowns. And for this he was named Home Team Offensive Player of the Year, after being accepted into the Super Team for the second time in a row. The 6-foot-2,200-pound Callery was its usual dynamic double-threat self this spring when the Highlanders went 4-1. He finished second in the Central Mass. In the ranking (92 points), fifth in rushing yards (773) and 14th in passing yards (384). Callery, who was a two-time T&G Division 1 basketball all-star, will continue his academic and athletic career at Worcester Academy. He is the son of Emily and Kevin Callery from Worcester.

Doherty Football Allstar Michael Boutros.

Michael Boutros

Doherty High, Junior, offensive line

The 6-foot-3,275-pound boutros anchored the offensive line from left attacking position, helping the Highlanders go 4-1 and averaging a sturdy 32.4 points per game. Boutros was named team captain for the next season and considers it his most memorable moments to walk off the field with his senior brother Alex after finishing the season with a 40:20 win over Leominster at Doyle Field Season. Boutros aims to continue his football career and study business at a Division 1 college. He is the son of Nibal Raheb and Elie Boutros from Worcester.

Northbridge football all star Ryan Boyce.

Ryan Boyce

Northbridge High, junior, quarterback

The Rams have a long and successful history of putting up elite quarterbacks, with Boyce being the newest. The 6-foot-1,175-pounder judged an offense that averaged 31.2 points per game as the Rams went 6-0. Boyce finished second in Central Mass. With 1,318 yards and 18 touchdowns. He also rushed for 274 yards and five TDs, averaging 6.2 yards per carry. Boyce, who was named captain for the next season, completed five touchdowns twice in one game, falling behind the CMass record of six, which he tied in his sophomore year. He is the son of Tina Kazlanckus and Rich Boyce from Uxbridge.

David Prouty football all-star Stephen Ceccarini.

Stephen Bryant Ceccarini

David Prouty High, Junior, Recipient

If a pass was thrown in the direction of Ceccarini, there was an excellent chance he’d made football up. The 5-foot-10,174-pound slot receiver finished second in Central Mass. At receptions (28) and yards (515) while averaging 18.4 yards per catch and scoring three touchdowns for the Panthers. He submitted a 54-824-10 line in his sophomore year when he was named the T&G Division 7 All-Star. Ceccarini considers his most memorable moment of the season to be the six catches he had for 200 yards and two TDs in a win over Monty Tech. He is the son of Tammy Ceccarini from Spencer.

St. John's football all-stars Mark Fields.

Mark fields

St. John’s High, Senior, Offensive Line

The pioneers looked to their lineage to pave the way for an offense that lacked experience in skill positions. The 6-foot-2, 270-pound fields were up to the challenge as the Pioneers went 2-3 while playing in the highly competitive Catholic conference pod. The victories came against Fitchburg, which was number one in the Central Mass at the time, and against BC High, which Fields sees as his most memorable moment of the season. Fields, a National Honor Society candidate, will specialize in business at Rhodes College, Memphis. He is the son of Julie and Dan Fields from Charlton.

Littleton Football Allstar Braden Lynn.

Braden Lynn

Littleton High, senior, quarterback

Lynn crowned his stellar record career by leading the Tigers to a 4-2 record. The 6-foot-2, 210-pound quarterback led Central Mass. With 1,576 yards on and finished second with 15 touchdown passes while also racing 276 yards. As a three year old starter and four year old college player, he finished his career with 6,058 all-purpose yards and program records for most passing shipyards in one season (2,146 in 2019) and career (5,433). Lynn is going to Plymouth State University to study Business Marketing. He is the son of Kimberly and Mike Lynn from Littleton.

Shrewsbury High Football All-Stars Grady Roadman.

Grady Roadman

Shrewsbury High, Senior, Offensive Line

The 6-foot, 260-pound roadman hit both sides of the ball, putting himself on guard on offense and defensive when the Colonials finished 3-3 and two losses were seven points or less . His most memorable moment of the season was a 27:24 win over Shepherd Hill as the resilient Colonials bounced back from a 14-point deficit in regulation and a 3-point deficit in overtime. Roadman, a captain of the soccer and indoor and outdoor track teams, is directed to Springfield College where he will continue his soccer career. He is the son of Denise and George Roadman of Shrewsbury.

Wachusett football all-star Luke Stelmach.

Luke Stelmach

Wachusett Regional, Senior, Recipient

The mountaineers took the lead 6-0, with their last five wins ending unbeaten with an average of 24.2 points for the third time in program history, thanks to the great contributions from Stelmach. The 6-foot-2, 185-pound-width only had eight receptions, but they were good for 227 yards (28.4 average) and six touchdowns. Stelmach, who also started at the cornerback, considers his three-TD (30, 3, 84 yards) performance in a senior night win over Leominster to be his most memorable moment of the season. Stelmach is sent to UMass-Lowell to study criminal justice. He is the son of Barbara and Matt Stelmach from Rutland.

St. John's Football Allstar Sean Sullivan.

Sean J. Sullivan

St. John’s High, Senior, Offensive Line

The 6-foot-5,295-pound Sullivan has been durable and productive as a launch device during its three seasons. He played in all 29 games and didn’t allow a sack as a junior or senior while helping the Pioneers advance to Division 3 semifinals in 2018 and 19 before finishing 2-3 that year. As a team captain, he was named Lineman of the Year at the Catholic Conference. Sullivan will continue his football career at Yale University, where this National Honor Society member is planning an economics degree with a 4.1 grade point average. He is the son of Erin and Darren Sullivan from Westboro.

St. Bernard's football all-star Tyler Thibodeau.

Tyler Thibodeau

St. Bernard’s High, Senior, is running back

What a memorable run for Thibodeau as he helped the Bernardians 6-0 this season after winning the Division 8 title in 2018 and 19. The 5-foot-9, 215-pound fullback / middle linebacker finished second at Central Mass. With 823 rushing yards and third with 13 rushing touchdowns and had 33 tackles to go with a sack. Thibodeau ended his three-year varsity career with 2,621 yards of rushing and 208 tackles. As a soccer and lacrosse captain, Thibodeau plans to major in criminal justice and economics at Westfield State University. He is the son of Melissa and Jeffrey Thibodeau from Mason, New Hampshire.

Shepherd Hill Football Allstar William Tyrrell.

William Tyrrell

Shepherd Hill Regional, Senior, Offensive Line

Tyrrell was a two year old starter on the offensive and a standout player for the Rams this season. The 6-foot-3, 310-pounder did not allow a sack while setting a guard for an offense that averaged 28 points and 400 yards per game. As a defensive tackle, he’s been in 15 tackles and had an interception against Algonquin in his most memorable moment of the season. Tyrrell, who was a member of the Rams Leadership Council, will continue his soccer career studying computer and electrical engineering at the WPI, where his father was an outstanding soccer player. He is the son of Leslie and William Tyrrell from Oxford.

Burncoat Soccer Allstar Isaiah Wright.

Isaiah Wright

Burncoat High, Senior, is running back

Leading the field as captain, Wright led the Patriots to a 4-1 record, their first winning season since 2006. The 5-foot-7,155-pound speedster finished first in the Central Mass, scoring 948 yards with 94 points and was tied for the first time with 15 rushing touchdowns. Wright averaged 8.9 yards per carry and a whopping 19.2 yards on his TD runs. He was also in 11 tackles and had interceptions as a defender. His older brother Quron was a record that was lagging behind on Holy Name. Wright, who goes to Assumption University, viewed every day he spent with his coaches and teammates as a memorable day this season. He is the son of Tawana and Curtis Wright from Worcester.

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