The 10 finest transfers in faculty soccer historical past

With so many players on the transfer portal, the fans are almost insensitive to the prospect of achieving a real impact transfer. And with schools like the state of Kansas debating about 10 grants per cycle for transfer talent, the search for a program-changing transfer has never been so busy.

Make no mistake: transfers have long been a part of college football. But while some teams are considering transfers to add some depth to the defensive back room or possibly to pluck a third starting receiver, the Holy Grail is still sitting and waiting: a transfer that can change the trajectory of a team or even a program. We tried to identify the best transfer players in college football history, a mix of players who have achieved All America status and in some cases have helped their teams fight or even win national championships .

It should come as no surprise that most of the players who make the cut are quarterbacks. For one, it was more likely that quarterbacks were being transferred even before the recent madness of the transfer portal and were playing an important role in their new home. And while a year-long transfer to another position is often more dependent on external factors, a great quarterback making a team swap can generally make an impact instantly.

There are also some prejudices about timeliness. While transfers from 50 years ago can be found nowhere near as productive as they are today, players have generally been more willing to wait to try and win a starting junior or senior job with their original teams.

A quick note: these are just four-year college transfers, i.e. junior college transfers, or even players who made a brief pit stop at JUCO level while switching between four-year schools – like Cam Newton, who moved from Florida to the Blinn community College Transfers to Auburn – are ineligible. Had Newton gone straight to Auburn from Florida, he would have been an easy choice for the list.

With that in mind, here are some of the greatest transfers in college football history.

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