The 10 loudest school soccer stadiums will be heard for miles

In the last year we learned the importance of having Fans in the stands. That’s truer about College soccer than any other sport–College football fans are decisive for the game atmosphere and decisive for the home advantage. In short, we want the noise level to rise on game day. We want big decibels. We long for crowd noise.

Fans take pride in unusual things in the world of college football, and that includes wanting to be on a list of the loudest college football stadiums. As a result, a college football game has an atmosphere and a Noise level You won’t find them at the NFL level.

Below is our ranking of the 10 loudest stadiums in college football. Don’t just think it’s definitely on this list because a stadium is full of people. Take The Big House, AKA Michigan Stadium, for example. The Wolverines can pack them for a home game, but as is well known this stadium is not that loud. This is because it wasn’t built to contain noise.

This can also fluctuate due to the success of a team. Once upon a time, Nebraska’s Memorial Stadium would have been our top 10, but Tom Osborne doesn’t go through that door as they say. This is also the rare list of superlatives in modern college football in which Alabama doesn’t make the cut. Sorry, Bryant Denny Stadium fans. Consider yourself an honorable mention (and call Virginia Tech’s Lane Stadium which narrowly missed the cut, too). So let’s get to the top 10.

10. Camp Randall Stadium, Wisconsin

We’ll start with a trip to Madison, where the Wisconsin Badgers play their home games. It’s the oldest stadium in the Big 10 and only the fifth largest, but it’s definitely noisy. This is mainly the case between the third and fourth quarters, when the Bump loudspeaker “Jump Around” by House of Pain and the fans manifest the title request.

9. Husky Stadium (Washington)

Washington’s stadium is built to block out noise. Most of the fans are under cantilevered roofs, the stay in the noise. As early as 1992, ESPN measured the volume of the husky stadium at 133.6 decibels, which the Loudest recorded volume back then in a college stadium. However, this was a unique moment and we’re talking about the overall noise. There were also Renovations since. Even so, the huskies definitely deserve a spot on this list.

8. Memorial Stadium (Clemson)

There are several commemorative stages out there, but the one on this list is the one where the Clemson Tiger. They call it “Death Valley” for a reason. Clemson has always been loud, but ever since the Tigers were the Kings of the ACC– if not in all of college football – it definitely got louder under Dabo Swinney. It’s easy to make noise when there is so much to cheer about.

7. Neyland Stadium (Tennessee)

If Tennessee doesn’t start winning Again, Neyland could fall off this list, if not immediately. Still, this is a stadium with over 100,000 seats. It is the fifth largest stadium in the United States. That makes it easy to add noise even though the vols have seen better days.

6. Ohio Stadium (State of Ohio)

Everyone calls it “The Horseshoe,” but Ohio State’s stadium is deafening no matter what you call it. It used to be Horse chestnuts were able to cram over 110,000 people into the stadium, what they are for one big game against the wolverine. Then, they have renovated to add some luxury suites, and now it can only hold a little over 102,000 seats. However, if you win as much as the Buckeyes, fans will still get loud as hell, especially at a night game when the team from the north shows up in Columbus.

5. Kyle Field (Texas A&M)

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Texas A&M Aggies fans literally have practice screaming. As if Texas soccer fans needed an excuse to make some noise. When the Aggies moved to the SEC, they overtook the Volunteers as they had the largest seating capacity in the conference. Kyle Field has long been considered one of the most demanding puts to play on the go. The sound definitely plays a role.

4. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium (Florida)

When we say “The Swamp” you know what we are talking about. They don’t just call it “The Swamp” because they Florida Gators play there. It’s an intimidating place to play with passionate fans who want to get into the heads of the opposing team. Just a shame the Gators and Georgia Bulldogs are playing their game Rivalry games in Jacksonville, especially since Sanford Stadium is quite noisy. At least Florida State comes by every two years.

3. Beaver Stadium (Penn State)

Perhaps counterintuitively, the Penn State Nittany Lions play their home games at Beaver Stadium. Does Oregon State play at Nittany Lion Stadium? The Beaver Stadium in Happy Valley is the second largest stadium in North America after “The Big House”. There is nothing better than a “Whiteout”At Beaver Stadium and the Fan base was also widely praised by the media.

2. Autzen Stadium (Oregon)

The Oregon Ducks stadium has the smallest capacity on this list. They rarely exceed 60,000 people, even if there is only standing room. However, ask USC, Washington, or Oregon State players and they will tell you how loud it will be in Autzen. The stadium is compact, with the fans super close to the field. The field is also lowered, creating a sound bubble. Oregon officials are literally thinking about trapping themselves Crowd when thinking about enlargement. As a result, Ducks fans make more noise per person than anyone else.

1. Tiger Stadium (LSU)

Ultimately, however, we head to Baton Rouge to refine this list. There’s nothing like a night game at LSU. The stadium now has over 100,000 people and they make a lot of noise. SEK is football land, and there are some super noisy stadiums down there. In addition to those on this list, we could also bring up Auburn and South Carolina. Apart from that, no stadium brings as much noise as the LSU. That is why it is the true “Death Valley”.

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