The 25 Finest Tailgates in Faculty Soccer

It goes without saying, but college football just wasn’t the same in the 2020 season. After everything the COVID-19 pandemic canceled, fans and teams alike were just plain glad that college football was played throughout the year. But with shorter schedules, a mask requirement everywhere and more, it wasn’t as usual. The biggest change? Fan visit.

At some schools, fan attendance was limited and distancing was required. At others, fans were simply not allowed to participate in games. Because of this, the typical fan atmosphere and the noise of a home stadium was not there throughout the season and stadiums were not the same. It also meant that tailgating scenes were far from normal.

On a typical Saturday, fans can calmly paint a parking lot with drinks in hand, various goods and snacks and school colors. However, due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, tailgating games was either restricted or not allowed at all. But the 2021 season looks different and fans can return to their graduation ceremonies for a typical game day experience.

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Some tailgating scenes stand out from the rest of the country’s scenes. Regardless of whether it’s just about numbers or about the culture on campus, some universities simply proceed differently. Here’s a look at 25 of the best tailgating scenes in college football, in no particular order.

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