The Central Texas highschool soccer star is starting his school soccer profession

WACO, Texas (KWTX) – One of the most decorated high school football players in central Texas is officially taking the next step in his career.

Zach Hrbacek has scored over 100 touchdowns in his four years at Troy. This week he moved to Sam Houston State to begin his college football career.

Hrbacek loved his time in Troy, but understands that going from a big star in a small town to a freshman on a Division One football team will be a big change.

Hrbacek explains, “Having lived my whole life in little Troy, Texas, I didn’t really have a lot of competition, but I’m ready to get down to work.”

Zach has always been a gifted athlete, and he always knew he wanted to compete in college, he just didn’t always know what sport he would be doing it in.

“It wasn’t until my sophomore year in high school that I decided to switch from baseball and focus on soccer.”

After Zach focused his energy on football, a number of colleges turned to him, but it was the Sam Houston State coaching team that won him over.

“The decisive factors were Coach Keeler and my running backs trainer there. They are just great people and I know how Coach Keeler works the program will be great for me. “

Zach attended the FCS National Championship game with his mother this spring, and seeing his future teammates win the national title at Sam Houston State only confirmed what he knew all along.

“It’s surreal. I was sure that I had made the right choice, but that definitely made me realize. “

Zach understands that winning a national championship puts a goal on your team’s back and he even expects it to make the workouts more intense.

“It will definitely improve my game a bit because the competition will be there. I am ready for it. I am ready to compete for a place. It will definitely get the best out of me. “

Zach said he felt Troy prepared him for this next step, and while he will miss the fans of all ages who have supported him for the past four years, he knows he will always represent his hometown.

“These children, a lot of them look up to the soccer players, not just me, everyone here, so I carry this Troy flag on my back and hold it proudly.”

Zach admitted that he will miss his parents next year, but they hope to see as many of his games as possible.

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