The FSU is internet hosting a mega camp for these concerned with highschool soccer

TALLAHASSEE, Florida (WCTV) – This weekend, around 2,500 student athletes competed at FSU’s Mega Camp to show off their talent to more than 50 universities in attendance.

Sunday proved to be a day of opportunity for coaches and players alike, as FSU’s Mega Camp enabled them to interact in person for the first time in over a year.

“Because it’s a different perspective to see you online and then see you in real life and then watch you do the exercises, watch you do one on one, watch yourself do certain things,” said King David Washington of the Merchant Development Academy Prep.

Washington, originally from New York, moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to pursue his high school career at a new prep school called the Merchant Development Academy Prep after the pandemic affected his ability to be seen by coaches.

“It was difficult because everything is online and then you have to think about it. I’m just a person just texting you, ”Washington explains. “There are probably thousands upon thousands of other children texting at the same time.”

This camp was an opportunity for kids like Washington to show not only their skills but also their characters, which is exactly what coaches are looking at.

“When you look at camps like this, the guy makes an extra effort. Is he rushing to the next exercise at the top? ”Says Gary Goff, head coach at Valdosta State University. “If he doesn’t intimidate and stay at the back of the row, he’ll jump forward for extra reps.”

“I especially noticed a few young men,” said FSU soccer coach Mike Norvell. “Yes, they may have the size, speed and athleticism, but when you get a feel for what they want and what their passion is to play this game, what is their passion to part with what they give are ready and invest. “

The event opened doors that were locked to last year’s class.

“The great thing about networking is great because you will meet coaches from all over the country who you couldn’t have visited in twenty different places,” said Andrew Stewart, prep head football coach, Merchant Development Academy.

“Man, it’s all about the student athletes here. I mean, these young men are now in front of coaches and they have an opportunity that the class didn’t have last year and that was very, very difficult, ”said coach Goff. My heart goes out to many of these young men who are still looking for a home. “

Coach Mike Norvell says he hopes camps like Sunday’s can get players and coaches alike back on track.

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