The Kearns Excessive Faculty soccer coach ensures that gamers in want are correctly fed

KEARNS, Utah – The head coach at Kearns High School ensures that all of its players are properly fed.

Trainer Matt Rickards usually hands out post-workout meals to children whose families may be in need.

But he didn’t have that chance this week because the team had a moratorium and no training sessions were held. To make up for that, Rickards invited her to pick up the food on Friday afternoon.

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Rickards said it was especially important to make sure the teens on his team are properly fed to encourage the intense training and competition they go through.

“Competing at a high level, practicing and exercising at the high level that we do,” said the coach, “if you don’t have this type of diet it could be harmful.”

The groceries, which range from dairy and vegetables to snacks and frozen meals, are largely donated by a customer of Rickards’ wife.

Rickards said that while food insecurity has been an issue for some in the Kearns community for some time, there has been an increased need last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and related job losses.

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He’s been giving the kids take-away from their families for a few weeks now, and he’s not planning to stop.

“As long as the children are ready to take it and the families are ready to take it and there is a need for it, we will keep it going,” he said.

Rickards also said the school’s exercise coach also talked about opening a pantry in her office so kids can get food whenever they need it.

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