The Nice Valley Excessive College soccer workforce begins workforce actions

CHICO, California – The Pleasant Valley High School soccer team kicked off organized team activities on Monday.

It is the first time since the shortened spring season that the team has entered the field.

The players train four days a week.

You will do exercises, lift weights, and build stamina to prepare for the season ahead.

Head coach Mark Cooley says his players are happy to be back.

“We purposely kept them out for the month of June through the weekend of July 4th,” he said. “I think you’re already chewing on the dentition and ready to go. You keep writing to me: ‘When do we start, when do we start?’ We’re here now. “

Breandan Nash and Justin Clink are seniors on the varsity team.

“There was a lot of anticipation for this season, especially with the shortened season, “said Nash.” This year we get a playoff run. I am very excited to be working towards this. We actually have more of an end goal. “

Both players said they were excited to develop stronger bonds with their teammates before the season starts.

“It’s great because I feel like we were cheated out of the entire season last year,” said Clink. “Even though the five games were great, it’s just great to be back. We have playoffs this year. Hopefully there will be team dinners again. It just feels normal again.”

The first official training day for Pleasant Valley is August 2nd.

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