The reigning class of digital highschool soccer on the OHSAA is hoping to draw extra umpires

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Ohio high school football recruitment is in full swing. The Northwest District Football Officials Association is running a nationwide virtual certification course starting July 13th that will allow you to learn the ins and outs of refereeing and lead JV games through August.

“I think it’s important, I think in the next three to five years we’re going to really hurt,” said Mark Kuhn, an OHSAA New Officials Class Instructor. “Make mechanics where you are, what to look for, your keys. There are over 200 rule differences between high school, college, and the NFL. People don’t understand that. They watch a game on Saturday and say the high school guy screwed up last night, no because it’s not the same rule. “

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The number of umpires has decreased across Ohio, with the number of new members far outweighing that.

“People just hang it up, for whatever reason,” said Kuhn. “Getting older, younger people start families.”

And maybe another, well-known reason. Unruly fans.

“It’s getting worse and worse,” said Kuhn. “I wish the parents would understand all of this. These guys put a lot of work into it. Our class has 25 hours of work. Duty to study, duty to take exams. “

Kuhn says that if you don’t have more people working to become officials, you could see more and more Thursday and Saturday games due to a lack of referees, and that the benefits of being an official far outweigh the negatives.

“You will be around the game. And it is fun. If you’re in the right group of people working on a soccer game, I love my Friday night crew, ”said Kuhn. “We’re having a great time next to football. We’ve all played soccer, just around the game, there’s nothing like a soccer game on Friday night. The atmosphere is great. “

The course costs $ 125 and runs every Tuesday and Thursday for five weeks.

To learn more and to register, click here.

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