Video: Saguaro, Arizona head coach Jason Mohns talks in regards to the upcoming 2021-2021 highschool soccer season

The Saguaro Sabercats are a regular feature of High School Football America’s national leaderboard, supported by NFL Play Football, the NFL’s initiative to provide a fun and engaging experience for players of all ages and levels. The Cats have finished every season in our national rankings since 2016.

Saguaro HSFA National Ranking

2020 – No. 84 (5-2) *

2019 – No. 46 (11-2)

2018 – No. 46 (13-1)

2017 – No. 68 (11-2)

2016 – No. 23 (14-0)

* A loss was forfeited due to COVID-19

The 2020 season ended on a disappointing note as Saguaro had to give up his playoff game in the first round of the Open Division.

Below, you can listen to Saguaro head coach Jason Mohn talking to High School Football America co-founder Jeff Fisher about the end of last season and what should be a very good 2021.

Jason Mohns, Saguaro head coach

Mohns led Saguaro to six consecutive state championships between 2013 and 2018.

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