Vikings acquire expertise within the 2nd sequence of baseball video games

Vikings gain experience in the 2nd series of baseball games

Photo courtesy Ashley Lohr

Head coach Jim Engell speaks to several Vikings during a home baseball game against Ketchikan on April 23. Left to right: Jack Engell, Lathum Johnson, Issac Vinson and Jim Engell.

Petersburg High School played their second season series against Ketchikan High School on April 22nd and 23rd. While taking three more losses, head coach Jim Engell said the Vikings have been improving from week to week.

“It went really well,” said Engell. “I know the results don’t necessarily show that, but we’ve made great strides. I was very pleased. Every training we’ve had since arriving on the field in Sitka, we’ve seen our kids get better and better better.”

Brekin Davis, Lathum Johnson and Jack Engell were the main characters for three games with Mattias Volk and Max Marohl …

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