WAAY’s 31 Groups in 31 Days Highlight on Excessive Faculty Soccer: Fyffe Purple Devils

Let’s meet the Fyffe soccer team in 2021.

Fyffe has won three state championships in a row.

But football isn’t getting any easier for the Red Devils.

“We run a lot more because we don’t have as many players as we did last year,” said senior Austin Mulligan.

Almost 20 completed the 2020 title team.

“It’s young but has the potential to be experienced,” added senior Kyle Dukes.

Senior wing back Will Stephens said the seniors spent the summer making sure the team didn’t let up.

“We have to be in the best shape we’ve ever been in and just play hard,” said Stephens.

2021 marks Fyffe’s second season in 3A.

“We’ll go out there and give it all we have. Win or lose, we’ll leave it out on the field,” added Mulligan.

Even if the players may change, legendary coach Paul Benefield stayed at the helm for decades.

Another magical season awaits Dukes under his guidance.

“Just play with a chip on your shoulder, give it your all, hear what Coach Benefield says, he’s usually right,” said Dukes with a smile.

Fyffe starts his season at Isabella on August 20th.

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