WAAY’s 31 groups in 31 days of highschool soccer highlight: Sylvania Rams

Let’s meet the Sylvania Rams in 2021.

This year, the program is set to restart under new head coach Tyler Vann and his five non-negotiable individuals.

“It’s energy, effort, demeanor, presence and responsibility,” explained Vann.

“So these are the five things in our program that we talk about regularly. If you don’t have any of these five things – that don’t require talent – then I think we’re not going to be a good football team. “

The former Woodville trainer makes the jump from 1A to 3A. His goal is to build a program that wins every day and bring a product to market that the Sylvania community can be proud of.

Even in the early days of summer training, Vann said the work ethic of this group made him optimistic.

“You show up ready for work every day. They don’t ask questions. They do what they’re told and they love soccer. So if you love football and are willing to work hard, good things will happen. “

Rams Senior Sawyer Hughes said this group is ready to prove itself.

“They have reacted really well and there are a lot of young people coming up,” said Hughes of the players’ reaction to their new coach.

Vann plans to put together a high-scoring offensive and strong defense to test out during her match with Fyffe and former Rams head coach Paul Benefield.

“If your goal is not to train against the best then I don’t know why you are in if you are not a competitor,” he said. “So I’m looking forward to this Friday night with Coach Benefield in mind, but I promise we will try to beat them.”

The Rams haven’t beaten the Red Devils since 2005. On September 10th you have the chance to change that.

Sylvania’s season begins on August 20th against Saks.

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