WATCH NOW: Excessive College Soccer – Bangor beats Royall for the seventh consecutive yr to arrange soccer

It played on purpose and with the intensity and physicality that has become a trademark since this conference run began in early 2014. It handled the panthers on the border.

“Our defense either stopped them or gave us the ball in a great field position,” said Muellenberg. “We couldn’t have asked these guys to do more than we did tonight. The defense was incredible.”

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The Panthers (4-2, 4-2) tried to force the Cardinals to split the SBC championship but failed to gain traction after Bangor’s Hank Reader blocked a punt at the end of Royall’s first possession.

The reader picked himself up to pick up the ball near the 14 yard line and returned it 11 yards to give Bangor a first hit at Royall 3. Mathieu Oesterle scored from 1 two games later and the Cardinals rolled for good.

“We didn’t even have a boat block on,” said Muellenberg. “We rushed you just to make sure they couldn’t stand back all day and have Hank block and restore that to give us a short field … boy, you’re talking about momentum.”

Royall scored exactly one goal at Bangor in the first half, and Junior Trevor Horstman dragged Zephyr Turner down for a 3-yard loss to push the Panthers back to the side of the 50 in that game.

Royall did not cross the 50 again until he finally got possession of the ball with a running clock and quickly ended the game. Rusher after Rusher was hit at the border and immediately brought to the ground if he wasn’t lucky enough to squeeze through an opening for a meter or two.

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