What number of soccer video games will the Washington Huskies win this season?

Most, but not all, of the signs point to a very successful University of Washington football season.

In its post-spring training rankings, ESPN named the Huskies the number 15 football team in the nation, which sounds about right.

However, the Sporting News couldn’t find a place for the UW in their recently compiled Top 25 and decided that someone like the ever dull Coastal Carolina deserved a lot more national attention.

The Huskies reportedly have a pair of NFL draft picks for the first round on offensive tackle Jaxson Kirkland and cornerback Trent McDuffie, an elite tight end in Cade Otton, a top 5 offensive line nationally, a top 10 secondary in Land, and perhaps the Edefuan Ulofoshio, the college game’s most talented inside linebacker, all dictated by outside but non-partisan experts.

But while all of these fascinating pieces are there to be used, can coach Jimmy Lake bring it all together and create something unforgettable with this team?

Pro Football Focus ranked the Huskies among the top Pac-12 contenders but analyzed all of their numbers, examined all trends and suggested that the UW is good for 8 wins in the coming season. You can read PFF’s Pac-12 size here.

That would be 8-4.

So are the huskies overrated or underrated?

While the loss of front-runner Zion Tupuola-Fetui to a broken Achilles heel and subsequent surgery last spring was a major blow to the UW, Lake still has 17 returning starters, nearly half a dozen portal transfers, and countless aspiring players relied on .

In evaluating the huskies, the main problem for them to get the ultimate attention is that they only played four games in the pandemic-punctured 2020 season – the lowest number from a Power 5 team, an award that shared by fellow Pac-12 Arizona State. State of Oregon and Washington State.

People just don’t know what to expect from Lake’s talent pool and need more visual evidence.

And 8-4?

From someone who’s done all of these past spring trainings and got up close and personal with the Huskies at their national championship and worst Ty Willingham titles:

2020 YOUR schedule

Montana – The Huskies (1-0) win their season opener with five touchdowns and Sam Huard makes his college debut by leading a late scoring drive.

Michigan – With more than 100,000 fans in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the only social distancing comes when Trent McDuffie intercepts you too late and pulls you in to seal a 28:16 win for the UW (2-0).

State of Arkansas – Jay’Veon Sunday gets a chance to play significant minutes in the fourth quarter and goes high for a late result when the Huskies (3-0) dismiss another overwhelmed opponent.

California – Two years ago this was the lightning-interrupted game and a last-minute early morning loss. This time the Huskies open the conference game by firing Chase Garbers five times and telling him to say hello to his brother and they win decisively (4-0).

State of Oregon – On a wet, dreary day in Corvallis, Richard Newton grabs the ball 25 times for 175 yards and three points while the UW takes a firm victory (5-0).

UCLA – Chip Kelly is forced to play Ethan Garbers as quarterback at Husky Stadium after his top two QBs were injured in practice and early in the game and the UW won the reunion tour 27-7 (6-0).

Arizona – Husky defense wrecked Jedd Fisch’s first wildcat team in the desert on a Friday night to extend the winning streak (7-0), with Dom Hampton returning to his home state to intercept a pair of passports.

Stanford – David Shaw always makes the Huskies deserve it, but they’re adamant with Cam Davis jumping back from the 1 late in the game to take a hard-earned 24-21 (8-0) win at Palo Alto.

Oregon – In the most anticipated game of the season, the UW takes the opportunity and beats the Ducks 32-17 while Dylan Morris hits a goalkeeper and makes a Browning-like pointing gesture as he crosses the goal line (9-0).

State of Arizona – Well, you really didn’t think the huskies would go undefeated, did you? This has only happened once in modern times. The Sun Devils pull out a 41-40 thriller (9: 1) in Seattle that ends all CFP ambitions.

Colorado – The Huskies are recovering well in Boulder and get a few TD catches from Rome Odunze to win the North Division (10-1) and a chance to face Arizona State again in the league championship game.

Washington – Nobody said this season was going to be easy. Max Borghi wears a t-shirt under his jersey that reads: “We don’t lose to huskies anymore” and the jitterbug of the cougars dissolves for 155 yards and 2 TD runs in a 31-28 upset in the husky stadium. End of the seven-game break at the Apple Cup.

So there you have it, a 10-2 regular season. Nothing to turn up your nose at.

How the ASU rematch and the bowling outing will end is up to your imagination.

Okay, so maybe the huskies will face the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers or the Chandeliers, or whatever they’re called, at the Fiesta Bowl and trample them on.

After a dozen games, where do you see the UW next fall?

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