Who has the perfect school soccer dream street journey?

For the latest episode of Bucky’s 5th podcast, Tyler, Matt, and I selected our College Football Dream Road Trip for the 2021 season. We went from the Rose Bowl to Coastal Carolina for the Army / Navy game.

The rules are pretty simple, but in case you forgot last year’s episode, here is a recap of the rules:

  1. Each week you can play a college football game of your choice. Once you see a team game, you will not be able to use that team in any other week. For example, if you’re going to Hawaii UCLA in week zero you CANNOT use any of these teams for the remainder of the season.
  2. A game must be a group of five games in which two G5 teams compete against each other.

That’s it! Light enough? Well.

Dream road trip

Week / date Matt Belz Drew Hamm Tyler Hunt
Week / date Matt Belz Drew Hamm Tyler Hunt
Week 0 (August 28) Nebraska in Illinois Hawaii at UCLA Hawaii at UCLA
Week 1 (Saturday September 4th) Georgia at Clemson Georgia at Clemson Georgia at Clemson
Week 2 (September 11) Pittsburgh, Tennessee Kansas on the Carolina Coast Oregon in the state of Ohio
Week 3 (Saturday September 18) Alabama in Florida Cincinnati, Indiana Alabama in Florida
Week 4 (September 26) Notre Dame vs. Wisconsin Notre Dame vs. Wisconsin Texas Tech in Texas
Week 5 (Saturday October 2) Maroon at LSU Maroon at LSU Cincinnati in Notre Dame
Week 6 (Friday October 8th) Temple in Cincinnati Utah at USC Utah at USC
Week 6 (Saturday October 9th) Penn State, Iowa N / A N / A
Week 7 (October 16) Miami at UNC App. State in Louisiana Miami at UNC
Week 8 (Wednesday) Coast Carolina at App. Status N / A Coastal Carolina in the App State
Week 8 (October 23) South Carolina at Texas A&M Illinois at Penn State Illinois at Penn State
Week 9 (October 30) Texas at Baylor Michigan in the state of Michigan Iowa in Wisconsin
Week 10 (Saturday November 6th) USC in the state of Arizona Oregon in Washington Indiana in Michigan
Week 11 (November 13) Washington State in Oregon Nevada at SDSU State of Arizona @ Washington
Week 12 (November 16) N / A Toledo in Ohio Toledo in Ohio
Week 12 (November 20th) State of Iowa in Oklahoma State of Iowa in Oklahoma State of Iowa in Oklahoma
Week 13 (Thursday) Ole Miss in the state of Mississippi Ole Miss in the state of Mississippi Ole Miss in the state of Mississippi
Week 13 (November 27) Ohio State in Michigan Florida in the state of Florida Texas A&M at LSU
Week 14 (December 11) Army / Navy Army / Navy Army / Navy

If you were extremely wealthy and could travel the country to see college football, please vote below to see who has the best road trip and tell us where you would like to go.


Who has the best road trip?

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