Will Cal win extra soccer video games than the betting websites count on?

Will Cal Football exceed betting sites’ expectations in 2021?

David Cobb of CBS Sports believes it will be. He writes that Cal will finish on the “over” side of the over / under of six winning sets for the Golden Bears from William Hill Sportsbook.

But not much.

Much of the discussion around the Pac-12 this preseason is the convenient conference schedule that USC has this season. The Trojans won’t play against any of the Pac-12 North favorites Oregon and Washington, so USC and Clay Helton should have no excuses for not winning the Pac-12 South.

Cal, meanwhile, faces Oregon, Washington and USC in 2021, making his attempt to win the Pac-12 North difficult.

Cobb, however, picks seven games that he expects Cal to win and puts the Bears one game on the plus side of the over / under of six. So Cobb says bet is over. Of course, Cal probably won’t be happy with the 7-5 overall record and a 5-4 conference record that Cobb predicts. The Bears anticipate Chase Garbers starting his fourth season as Cal’s quarterback (and second in Bill Musgrave’s system) and a defense that promises to be solid, especially with the expected addition of defensive lineman Luc Bequette, Washington and Oregon should challenge for the top spot in the north.

Here is Cal’s analysis from CBS Sports

Over / under 6 wins

Wins: Nevada, State of Sacramento, State of Washington, Colorado, State of Oregon, in Arizona, in Stanford

losses: at TCU, in Washington, in Oregon, USC, at UCLA

analysis: To draw big conclusions from Cal’s 1-3 season last year is stupid as few programs have been as badly hit by the pandemic as the bears. There’s a nice core of super seniors returning and it’s hard to imagine the offensive being worse than it was last season under first year coordinator Bill Musgrave. The defensive is usually solid under coach Justin Wilcox, and with a full offseason under Musgrave on the books, the offense should be proficient enough to bring the Bears to seven wins. Selection: Over (+100)

Odds of +100 mean that if the bears actually won seven games or more, wagering $ 10 on Cal to get seven wins would earn the bettor $ 20.

So Cobb suggests we put the end to Cal, and so does Cal Sports Report.

This is how Cobb sees the prospects for the other 11 Pac-12 teams versus the William Hill Sportsbook over / under (with the exception of Arizona, whose over / under was determined by Vegas Insider). We add our two cents to each pick.

— Arizona: Over / under 2.5 wins

CBS Sports Picks: Under (-110)

Our two cents: About. CBS Sports sees only one win for the Wildcats, who will turn out badly but should be lucky with three wins for new coach Jedd Fisch.


— State of Arizona: Over / Under 9 wins

CBS sports selection: Below (-113)

From two cents: under. We expect the Sun Devils to get more than CBS Sports’ forecast six wins, but eight wins could be the limit.


— Colorado: Over / under 4.5 wins

CBS Sports Picks: Under (-120)

Our two cents: under. The Buffaloes may not even get the four wins that CBS Sports expects.


— Oregon: Over / under 9 wins

CBS Sports Picks: Over (-120)

Our two cents: Pass. Ducks will likely end up with nine wins so don’t bet on this one.


— Oregon State: Over / under 4.5 wins

CBS Sports Picks: Under (+100)

Our two cents: About. We can’t say which five games the Beavers will win, but they seem to win games under Jonathan Smith that they aren’t expected to win.


— Stanford: Over / under 4 wins

CBS Sports Picks: Over (-110)

Our two cents: About. It’s hard to imagine a David Shaw team finishing worse than 5-7.


— UCLA: Over / under 7 wins

CBS Sports Picks: Over (-110)

Our two cents: Pass. We can’t see the Bruins getting the nine wins from CBS Sports projects, and 7-5 seems right considering their conference schedule includes games against Oregon and Washington. Don’t bet on this one.


— USC: Over / under 8.5 wins

CBS Sports Picks: About (+105)

Our two cents: under. With their cheap conference schedule, the Trojans should win the 10 games CBS Sports anticipated. But they will find a way to lose at least two games that they should win.


— Utah: Over / under 8.5 wins

CBS Sports Picks: Over (-120)

Our two cents: under. It is risky to bet against Kyle Whittingham who exceed expectations, however. . .


— Washington: Over / under 9 wins

CBS Sports Picks: About (+110)

Our two cents: under. We’re just not being sold for Huskies’ offense.


— Washington State: Over / under 6 wins

CBS Sports Picks: Under (-110)

Our two cents: under. Cougars will do better than the three wins CBS Sports assigns them, but not much better.


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