Willits reluctantly leaves AW for different alternatives highschool soccer – QCVarsity.com

“The opportunities and offers that were offered to me in terms of teaching and coaching in the Peoria region are definitely worth a look and will enable us to move to this region in the near future.

“Still, it’s hard to come to terms with actually leaving Wethersfield, especially what everyone here has done for me,” he added. “There are a lot of people who have helped me get where I am today.”

In addition to fellow coaching Parsons – also Wethersfield’s sporting director – and Johnston, who recently took over the position of chief football coach at Sherrard, Willits mentioned former Wethersfield director Jeremiah Johnston and current superintendent Shane Kazubowski, as well as Annawan’s sporting director Matt Nordstrom Matt Huber and the former Superintendent of Annawan, the late Joe Buresh.

“You made my time with Annawan-Wethersfield very special to me,” said Willits. “They took the time to hire me right out of college and I had to be part of a special school district and cooperative.”

Willits won two LTC football titles, with his first AW squad ending 12-1 in the fall of 2019 and reaching the Class 1A semifinals. During his six years as an assistant to Parsons on the baseball team, he helped the cooperative achieve a regional title of 1A in 2012 and a regional plaque of 2A in 2013.

Before his coaching career at AW, Willits was assistant to the football coach at Sherrard in the fall of 2011 on the staff of another former Aledo Green Dragon, Brett Lee.

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