Wilmington Greyhounds Excessive College Soccer Preview 2021

NEW WILMINGTON, Pennsylvania (WKBN) – The greyhounds were again dismissed by the Southern Columbia powerhouse in the Class 2A State Championship. However, Wilmington surpassed Farrell for their fifth straight D10 title (19-14).

How does coach Brandon Phillian keep the momentum going as he starts the 2021 season without many players who have played prominent roles in recent years?

“The great work ethic of this year’s team will give us the opportunity to have (the same) success. During the winter and spring, they have proven their hunger to compete at a high level. I think we have created a culture that demands a high level of excellence from our players. Although the faces will be new, the same faces played a key role in special teams, as backups and as players on scout teams last season. In these roles, they experienced firsthand from last year’s seniors what it takes to be successful. They are very eager to use the lessons they have learned and keep the program dynamic, ”said Phillian.

In the past five years, Wilmington has played 69 games. That’s about 14 games per season. The greyhounds are 61-8 during this period.

Week one starts at home on Friday August 27th when the ‘Hounds welcome Reynolds.

Record 2020: 10-1 (6-0, 1st place in region 1 2A)
Trainer: Brandon Phillian, Season 4 (35-4)
2020 Big 22: Ethan Susen; Big 22 members go to the Big Ten next year

Preview of Wilmington’s Offense
Scoring Offense: 38.0 (4th in the range)
Total infraction: 395.4
Recurring starters: 2
Main returnees: Luke Edwards, SR / HB; Brayden Powell, SR / OL
Main losses: Caelan Bender, QB; Jake Chimiak, OL; Jason Hess, TE; Darren Miller, RB; Weston Phanco, OL; Mason Reed, WR; Ethan Susen, ATH; Connor Vass-Gal, OL; Morgan Whiting, OL
Name To Look For: Luke Edwards, HB

Over the past five years, Wilmington has averaged over 38 points per game in each season (2020: 38.0; 2019: 41.3; 2018: 44.7; 2017: 39.3; 2016: 48.5). Since Trainer Phillian took over the program in 2018, the Hounds have been able to keep up with the standard. In 2018, the offense accumulated an average of 445.1 yards per game. The next year they were able to keep that number above 385 (387.5). Last year the greyhounds averaged almost 400 yards per game (395.4).

“We have two quarterbacks from last year’s team on the roster – Cole McCallister and Tuff McConahy,” said Phillian. “We assume that Luke Edwards will have the ball well again this season.” Edwards, a senior, gained 8.8 yards per carry on his 38 dead. Luke also posted 367 yards after scrimmage last year and scored 6 offensive touchdowns.

Also keep an eye out for Gage DeCaprio, Michel Chrastina, Ty Milliron, Ben Miller, Tyler Mikulin, and Buddah Book battling for touch from the backcourt.

“We expect this year’s line to be anchored by seniors Brayden Penwell and Elon Horchler,” Phillian emphasizes. “Replacing Weston (Phanco), Connor (Vass-Gal), Morgan (Whiting) and Jake (Chimiak) will be a ‘big’ task both literally and figuratively. The linemen, led by these three seniors, have trained extremely hard this winter and will continue to train hard this spring. While not that big, we expect this group to play with the same grit and toughness that last year’s line had. “

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Preview of Wilmington’s Defense
Scoring Defense: 16.1 (9th in the range)
Overall defense: 242.4
Recurring starters: 3
Main returnees: Luke Edwards, SR / LB; Cole McCallister, SR / CB; Skyler Shöller, SR / LB
Loss of keys: Caelan Bender, DB; Jake Chimiak, DL; Darren Miller, LB; Weston Phanco, DT; Mason Reed, DB; Braxton Shimrack, DB; Ethan Susen, DB; Connor Vass-Gal, DL; Morgan Whiting, DL
Name To Look For: Skyler Sholler, LB

Wilmington’s defense lost 8 first-team selections of all regions to the conclusion last spring.

Coach Phillian said, “We are giving back two starters at the linebacker level and one at the secondary level. How well our newcomers can communicate and play with each other will determine how strong we are on the defensive. During the camp we will look for guys to fight for these places. Every player gets a chance. The best participants win these places. Filling these places with the best players will be the focus of the defense this summer and into the camp. “

Returning linebackers Skyler Sholler and Luke Edwards are joined by Cole McCallister, who is also back in secondary school. “Skyler is returning as our middle linebacker for his third season,” said Phillian. “The experience he has gained there over the past two years will be very valuable. Luke is an athletic linebacker who can either play as a linebacker or in the secondary. Cole does a great job from his cornerback position. He is excellent at man marking and also has great reach when asked to play in a zone. I think the key to these three is that they play in the second and third levels. This is where most of the defense communication takes place. We will rely on these three to guide defense communications and ensure that all eleven members of the defense are on the same page. “

2020 Class 2A Region 1 place in the table
Wilmington – 6-0 (10-1)
Farrell – 4-2 (5-3)
Sharpsville – 3-4 (3-5)
Grenville – 0-7 (0-8)

Time schedule
August 27 – Reynolds
September 3rd – in West Middlesex
September 10th – in Oil City
September 17th – in Greenville
September 24th – lake view
Oct. 1 – in Sharpsville
October 8 – Farrell
Oct. 15 – Kennedy Catholic
October 22nd – at Mercer

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