Wiregrass QB Rocco Becht was getting ready for school soccer

Wiregrass Ranch QB went to Iowa

Kevin O’Donnell reports

Wiregrass Ranch quarterback Rocco Becht has grown up. An aspiring senior who is now the size to match his toughness.

“I think I’ve gained about 20-25 pounds,” said Rocco Becht. “It’s probably the biggest weight gain I’ve had since playing football.”

“He worked,” said Rocco’s father and former Bucs fan Anthony Becht. “He stuck his nose in the weight room during the pandemic. He got bigger and stronger.”

Rocco is a Division I talent who just added a National Champion to his résumé. Becht led Team Tampa to a 7×7 title and won the tournament’s MVP.

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“It was great,” said Rocco. “There were about 40 teams out there with a lot of great quarterbacks and great players. I’ve definitely had some recipients out there that I think could have gotten that MVP award.”

Despite all the attention paid to Rocco, he is entering his senior year and choosing his future in college. He has over a dozen Division I offers but is tied and verbally committed to the Iowa State Cyclones.

“I love Iowa State,” said Rocco. “When I was in my second year when they offered me, they really just showed me the relationship and how much they love me, my film and how much and can fit into their offensive.”

This could be a special senior year for the wiregrass quarterback. He has a four star destination in Bryson Rodgers, a junior he’d like to see sometime in Iowa State.

“I think he’s the best quarterback of 2022,” said Rodgers. “The film doesn’t lie. Its pocket presence is just different, accuracy, everything it does is precise.”

Rocco would love to play in the NFL like his father, who is already proud of his son’s accomplishments

“We are absolutely proud of him,” said Anthony Becht. “It’s a dream come true.”

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